Monday, October 17

DIY: Make your own belt!

This post is brought to you from a sleepy haze in Bedfordshire! Aka, my bed. Cheers for that gem Bridget Jones. So this is the DIY I mentioned to you the other day. Nadia kindly showed me how to make this here belt and now you can make one too if ya fancy. Thank you Nads! I borrowed Nads' belt like this for a fashiony do and I thought the belt was just genius as you can make it to fit you exactly, and you can adorn it as you wish. Plus it gives black skirts a swish border and any outfit a vintage-inspired twist! I hope the steps below are self-explanatory?! Sorry the pics aren't the best - was having an off day with the light. If you have any questions - please feel free to fire away. x

You will need: 
Elastic, Velcro, Black Thread, Buttons, Sewing Scissors, Pins, Needle, Craft Glue or Glue Gun
A special thanks to Nads for modelling and making this!

I'll try to incorporate it into an outfit photo soon so you can see the effect. 
Looks a bit erm, flat on the table!

Edit: Just remembered we accidentally sewed the one piece of velcro on the the wrong side of the elastic so I'm not sure if our folds above are correct! Haha! Can't offer any helpful advice except to say make sure you sew your velcro in such a way so you can stick it together. Poor Nads had to unpick the one side and start over but you must know we were distracted by Big and Carrie dramz in SATC while making this!
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