Wednesday, August 31

Cupcake Couture Goodies!

Huzzah! So these are some of the shots from our day of happy snapping. Let me tell ya - editing these puppies was a mission of note! I did the entire batch in Photoshop, went to print some to check the colour and realised they were totally over-saturated. Cheers to my screen not being properly calibrated! Then I re-edited the whole lot in Lightoom and under saturated 'em. Grief! I tinkered a bit more and even tonight I was still tinkering with the colour on some of them. Anyway, sweet Nadia said she was happy with them so that's good. I love taking photographs but man, I do not cope well with the pressure of shooting for other people. Fortunately Nads is like my little cheerleader! Speaking of Nads, she is making so many wonderful corsages at the mo...corsages for every occasion including weddings, birthdays, you name it! If you're ever after some vintagey, whimsical ideas, Nads is your girl! You can find Nadia on Blogger, Twitter and Facebook. x

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