Monday, July 18

A note for my school buds

In the past year, I have missed my school friends more than ever. I had a pretty tough time making friends as a kid. For one, I was a bit of a sensitive, intense creature. While other kids would be happily cementing Marie Biscuits together, I would be grilling the teacher as to why the sky was blue. "It just is" never satisfied! For two, or erm, secondly, I detested catty cliques and refused to partake in 'em to my social ruin! But once I found my group, aged 11, we were bonded for life. Like Beavis and Butt-head. Our childhood heroes! But as it is with many young South Africans, people emmigrate to first world countries and those who remain here, tend to settle down quickly. And while we have developed different interests, we have done our best to stay in touch and keep the memories alive. Soon we will be together again for a friend's wedding and I cannnot wait to see everyone. It's great to have friends who understand your life context. And it's rare to find friends that are genuinely happy when fortune finds you and sincerely saddened when life throws you lemons. So in the good, the bad and the everyday, I really miss these girls. Just a couple of school memories off the top of my head: Cutting a milktart with school scissors and eating it behind a bush instead of selling it at the bake sale. Lols. Locking ourselves in a classroom to skip sports day. Princess Dianna had just died and I played depressing songs on my guitar which had the opposite effect - everyone in hysterics! Being gravely disappointed when they servd KFC at our matric dance. Drinking cider at a mates on the last day of matric, her mom walking through the door and me getting such a fright, I chucked the can across the room. Oooh, cider, what rebels! Jacuzzi Parties. Avo on Toast. Getting kicked out of French because we were juvenile delinquents that couldn't stop laughing at the pronunciations. Crying our eyes out after having our hearts broken. Playing Metallica on people's answering machines?! Skulking around the mall. House Parties. Epic monday morning scoop sessions! It's all those random things that glue friendships together, aren't they? It's harder now that we rarely get to see each other but hopefully we experienced enough ridiculousness in our teen years to last us a lifetime of lols! Case in point below.

I have vague recollections of this being an unsollicited 'play' we put on in Business Economics. 
Also, I had the waist of a small child in highschool. Life was good!
PS: Tammy, is that you crouching down behind me? Stage fright? Lols!
PPS: My blog is hopefully loading faster since I sent the gremlin packin'.

EDIT: The girl I shared the milktart with - Tracy - got engaged this weekend!!
Congrats again friend - woot!
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