Wednesday, April 6

Smitten Update


The paddock behind the Kloof SPCA.

Hai guys. I just wanted to give you a little update on Smitten. As it turns out, traveling to take pictures, snapping said pictures and then editing those bad boys takes a fair bit of time. Something which I seem to be lacking in lately! Aren't we all? So yeah, as much as I LOVE taking pictures, I've decided not to 'advertise' Smitten as such anymore. I will of course continue to snap for Gloss and lend a hand with snapping for friends' projects. Thank you to everyone who got in touch with me regarding pics! I really appreciate your support. Someone asked me if I was doing Smitten full time - nope, nope, I work full time in advertising and then I do a chunk of freelance writing every month. Doesn't leave much time for blogging and well, having a life! Which reminds me, my new motto is less blogging, more jogging! Can also be substituded for snogging. With that said, I maaaay have a fun editorial project lined up. Will keep ya posted if anything exciting develops. See ya next week x
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