Tuesday, April 12

The retro Cupcake Couture giveaway!

It's giveaway time but the winner of these will have to fight me for them in an epic dual.
Nadia has sponsored four awesome prizes and I've chucked in a few random fun ones too.
(I know, alot of CC going on in this blog. What can I say? I love me some CC shizzle.)

Up for grabs from Cupcake Couture are:
Three retro postcards with brown envelopes. One has a Diana Camera illy on it - it's cuteariffic.
A blue and yellow corsage fit for Betty Draper herself.
A sweet box of buttons because...well, who doesn't love buttons?
A pair of vintage-esque earrings that your gran will arm wrestle ya for.

Bonus goodies include:
Kitshy playing cards for wintery nights by the fireplace. (Or braai, ay Saffers?)
A harmonica for singing the blues because it's not nearly cold enough to have a fire in South Africa.
(Or at least in Durban.)
A bunch of candy jewels to get you lookin' like a blinged out Oompa Loompa.

The winner takes all! Dun dun duh duh!

Who can enter: South African gals..'n guys. Sorry overseas buds - next time!
How to enter: Tell me in a comment why you need a harmonica in your life. You know you do.

Extra Entries
Follow Glossary with Google Friend Connect
Follow Cupcake Couture with Google Friend Connect
Tweet about the giveaway. You can follow me here and Nadia here.
Join the Cupcake Couture Facebook group.

These are all not-so-subtle 'follow us' options. We're ok with this if you are.

Please tell me about each entry in a separate comment. Each comment = an entry!
This is complicated stuff people.
The winner will be drawn a week from now using random.org. Good luck and God Speed.
I snapped the prizes against the awesome Wonderwoman coffee table book that my friend Cath got me for Christmas. It is one of my most prized possessions. Thank you Catherine. (I suspect you may in fact, be Wonderwoman.)
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