Monday, April 18

Bits & Bobs


Hello guys. How were your weekends? Better than mine I hope! We woke up to find a dead bird on our balcony which was rather traumatic and  I spent the days in bed, plagued by sniffles and sinus grumbles. It's not like me to be so sickly and I hope I get over it soon. On a positive note, Craig  made Tacos while I had fun downloading tape strips and other cute thing from Pugly Pixel. Thanks to Nadia for the tip off! Crumbs, I can't seem to go a day without linking her. We're not in some linking conspiracy, I promise! Also, I'm drawing the giveaway winner tomorrow so Saffers, you still have today to enter if you haven't already. On top of the weekend blues, it rained non-stop so I only have these oldie pics to blog. Do you like the sailboat earrings I made? I'm quite chuffed with them! Well, here's to a happier week, let's hope.

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