Tuesday, February 1

The Rockstar Diaries

Crikey mother, I've 'discovered' some great blogs of late. Aka, clicked through all your blog rolls with a crazed look on my face. The Rockstar Diaries is a new fave of mine to pour over with a cuppa in hand. (Pour my eyes over, not the cuppa.) Tazza and her husband live in Washington DC where they write about their adventures as young, happy thrifters in love. How wonderful are these photos that Leo Patrone snapped of them? My new-found love for bulldogs and bowties knows no bounds! This is just the sort of styling and editing, I'd like to aim for with Smitten. (Shameless linkage!)


Mmmm, I just love how bright, crisp and colourful these pics are. I've been thinking about scribbling a 'Five to Follow' post like the one Lily does on Sundays. Perhaps I'll think up a new name so I'm not completely nicking her idea which I think is just lovely. Part of me loves discovering new blogs but the other part is like, 'When the heck are you going to read all these Missy?' I haven't had a chance to shoot much over the past few days - (That's photos as always. I hate to think of the words 'Glossary,' 'Shoot' and 'Lauren' being indexed together on google.) - but I've got a few cute things that I'm excited to show you soon. Can anyone say 'Blue Typewriter?' I've said too much.

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