Friday, February 25

Pin Board

Pinterest - I'm finally getting into it! These are a couple of goodies I've pinned of late. Love the Lolita LP! You can 'follow' me there if you like. And, in a fun spot of news, Diana, Angie, Lana and myself are in the March issue of Fair Lady, talking about things to do in the cities we live in. I think I landed up there thanks to you guys! A while ago  Fair Lady asked their Twitter followers which South African blogs were their faves and a bunch of peeps said Glossary which warmed the cockels of my heart. No idea what a cockel is but mine was suitably warmed. This is sounding dodgy so let me end with a big thanks to you guys for giving Gloss a plug and being such a sweet supportive bunch. x


Pics were pinned from these scrummy blog posts: One, Two, Three, Four and Five.
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