Sunday, February 27

Mad Men!


I know I'm late to the world-wide fandom of Mad Men but I am now officially on board! Craig hooked us up with Season One and we are tearing through it! Gosh, it's such a feast for the retinas. I love all the beehives and red lips etc, but it's a bit more depressing than I thought it would be. Kinda like a 60's version of Desperate Housewives. Although, I just watched that hilarious scene where Don and the white-haired bloke have to walk up 23 stories of stairs when the elevators are out. I won't say anymore incase some of you haven't seen it yet. And my word, the smoking, the drinking - it really was madness back then! Part of me wants to rock up to work on Monday with a beehive do, a bottle of Voddies under my arm and a pack of ciggies in my pocket just for the lolz! (I will not be doing that. I repeat, I will not be doing that! ) I'd also never realised how inferior woman were treated back in the day - I would have flipped my lid me thinks! It's also given me a new appreciation for my job as a copywriter. It's crazy to think how little choice woman had back in the day. But it has however made me realise that it wouldn't kill me to make a few more roast dinners and be a bit tidier!
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