Monday, February 14

Home taping is killing music

Don't you just love that! Back in the day, LP's were stamped with the warning below. Oh my, how piracy has evolved! We scooped this gem among many more at the SPCA this weekend. They were having some mad Valentines specials - 50% off almost everything! I got a camera for R5 (although I paid R10 because I felt like I was stealing for R5) and Craig got a Beatles LP for R1. That's right, I just wrote one South African Rond. We also saw Sarah below who looked adorable in her red dress. I'll show you the rest of our bargalicious haul later this week. Oh - Happy Wellingtons Day! 


PS: Haven't forgotten to blog more about the birds. Will take some pics to show you their progress soon. And they do have a lovely mum who warms and feeds 'em. This is actually her second set of babies this year! I've become obsessed with pigeons - expect a Pigeon Tumblr soon! I kid.
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