Saturday, February 19

A Beautiful Mess

I've spent yesterday and today under the covers and surrounded by strepsils and throat sprays. Turns out I have tonsilitus - the kiddie's sickness! My mom asked me if I had any magazines to read and I replied, 'I have blogs. Lots of blogs to read,' - when I'm not sleeping of course (had 12 hours worth of zzzz's last night!) Anyhow, today, I stumbled across a pretty famous American blog which you're probably already following. If not, please meet 'A Beautiful Mess.' Elsie's blog is SO wonderful, I just had to share it with you right away. Together with her sister and friends, she owns a magical shop called Red Velvet which is packed to the hilt with treasures and trinkets. It's just the sort of place I dream about owning. The shop tags even feature old photographs! I can't imagine a better way to spend your days than among friends, vintage cameras and freshly baked cupcakes! Here are some snaps from her blog and shop lookbook. My heart just flutters drinking them all in!

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