Tuesday, January 11

Brighton, you beauty

I was flicking through some old photos last night and I came across this Brighton bunch. Craig and I spent a dreamy weekend with friends in the famous seaside town one summer. We did all the crazy things you do in Brighton and I absolutely loved it. I mean, LOVED it. This place has the trappings of my dreams - ferris wheels, music stores, vintage galore, my name on candy. That's right people, - candy. Heck, it is even has a South African store on the pier so I can stock up on home essentials should I ever get homesick. I think that pic of me with my 99 Cone pretty much sums up just how happy I was. And the best part about that trip - Kid Rock's, "All Summer Long" had just been released and played all weekend long so we even had our own holiday soundtrack!


I'd love to know what your dream town is!
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