Friday, November 26

Will blog for mojitos apparently!

Bacardi recently got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to host a Bacardi Maestro bash for ten gal pals. Now, I gotta be honest. I'm not wild about the idea of companies plying me with booze so that I'll blog about them. But clearly, not uncomfortable enough to decline! So yeah, I'm sorry guys. I sold out in the name of 'friends,' 'pizza' and 'free drinks.' But heck it was fun! A bunch of us girls got together at Unit 11 where Kevin, the Bacardi Brand Ambassador (nice title, dude!) proceeded to give us a crash course in cocktail making. We all had a bash at erm, bashing ice, 'waking up mint,' and chucking lemons about. In all honesty, I'd never had a Bacardi anything in my life before but it went down a treat. Who knew, something as simple as Bacardi, Coke and a good wedge of lemon could taste so good. Apparently it's one of the most popular bar calls in the world. Oh my, sounds like I'm really plugging it now! Anyway, we all had an excellent time and polished the evening off with ten pizzas from Luna Blu - they were nomtastic! Cheers to Kevin for educating us in the ways of white rum and to Unit 11 for letting us girls loose behind the bar! And just for the record, we were all driven safely home and there were no stonking hangovers to be had! Here's a peek at our razzling.


No pics of me this time - I was busy juggling pizza, a camera and about 3 glasses of Bacardi simultaneously! PS: My mom was so touched by all your sweet birthday messages yesterday. She is a very happy Mama Gloss - haha!
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