Thursday, October 21

Awesome Alert! In Good Company

Guys, you know those stripey straws from the post before? Well, I have been looking for some for an age and when I saw them at Casey's, I went bananas! Nadia and Casey told me that you can buy them from an online South African store called In Good Company. I'm sure many of you already know about this shop. When I went on the site, my heart literally started pounding! It's very hard to find retro party things in SA (or at least in Durban) so I was mega chuffed to learn about this shop. Not to knock SA but we don't have a Paperchase or some similar stationer on every street corner. Hence, I raced through In Good Company's website and picked a bunch of things to add to my ever-expanding wishlist (which part delights and depresses me!) Here's a collage of my faves. If you also like goodies like these, you will love this site too! Click here to have a look around. Enjoy!

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