Monday, May 3

Q&A with..erm, me!

Good morning! How are you? I've been busier than usual lately and didn't get a chance to arrange a blogger interview today. Sorry peeps! As a poor means of compensation, I've copied and pasted some questions I anwered on my Formspring account. Shameless self-indulgence I know. I haven't been asked much on Formspring but I'm very touched by the questions I have received. Thank you whoever you are! Some of you have asked me personal questions there which I haven't answered. I don't mean to ignore you but for now, I've decided not to chat about anything too personal online. Thanks for asking though - they're the sort of things I like to ask people too! If you do want to ask me something about fashion, photography or anything that isn't too personal, please feel free to ask away either here or on Formspring.

Oh, one other thing. Please excuse my shoddy grammar and spelling in my replies. Formspring has a miniature reply form which is a nightmare to edit in so from now on, I'll type my answers in Word and then paste 'em into Formspring.

Whats your favorite accesory?
Oooh, I love accessories! Can I give my top three faves? Gold and cream anchor earings from Cupcake Couture, my long pearly silver vintagey watch necklace and my red and gold anchor bracelet from Accessorize.

Are you a natural blonde?
I used to be when I was a wee lass but no more I'm afraid. I think my natural colour is a mousy brown. I have to blitz it blonde every 5 weeks or so. It's a killer on the purse but I just feel 'more me' having it lighter. Perks me up in the morning;) Thanks for your question sweet. {Update: Am now brunette!}

If you're from Africa, why are you white?
Crikey, well I'm assuming this a joke? There are plenty of white people in Africa, mate. And elephants do not live in our back yards. Crumbs.

What is your day job?
Hi! I work as a copywriter and journalist. Writing commissions are always welcome! Thanks for your question:)

Who is your favourite Office character besides Ryan?
Haha! Ah, I adore them all. Well Jim is just gorgeous and sweet and funny. Dwight cracks me up to no end. I have grown to just love Andy! I will always love Pam but Erin is my new fave girl of the Office. Excellent question!

Who is your favourite author and why?
Sue Townsend because she wrote the wonderful Adrian Mole series. The Cappucino Years is my fave of the lot. Cracks me up every time! I have to read it with tea and fruit gums. Nice question, thanks:)

Since you seem to have very good taste in fonts, can you name some of your favorites/ones you always use.
Oh, thanks. I use Helvetica for long editorial and arial on Glossary. I usually just google free retro fonts and right now I'm using Elephant and Bodoni quite a bit. I can't remember what my header font is... I'll have to get back to you.

At which SA shop do you shop the most?
Ah! Well, I used to work down the road from a Mr Price so I popped in there almost every day and ended up frittering loads away on alice bands etc! For fast fashion, I generally dash into Mr P and Edgars. I also like YDE because I find the designers mimick overseas looks the closest. I tend to always find something special there for a wedding or party. I always look in Woolies too - it's my fave shop in terms of layout and atmosphere. Foschini are also bringing in some London-eque jackets and dresses which I love. Gosh, so much for a one word answer! I could bang on about this all day. x

How would you describe your personality?
A mix of Elliot Reid and Jen from the IT Crowd. I dunno, friendly and a bit neurotic. Lovely!

What is your favorite use of (photography) camera, and why?!!!
Hi! I'm pretty new to the world of cameras and photography but so far I've enjoyed using the Canon SLR's. I'm currently shooting with a 350D. I just snap away on auto but I'd love to learn more about the technical side of things. I'm not sure if I've answered your question though? Feel free to re-ask if you'd like:)

Your photos are awesome. Surprised to hear you're new to it. Anyway, do you have tips of how to take pics of clothing?
Thanks! While I've taken happy snaps for a couple of years but only started using an SLR about a year ago. Um, tips..I'm so flattered you asked! Lets see, I like to zoom in to capture the little details like a ribbon or a buckle but it's also cool to snap a pic of the whole garment if it's for your blog or an ad or something. To capture the texture of the piece, it's best to shoot in sunny, natural light, either mid morning or mid afternoon when the light is good. I often shoot things in the breeze or in front of a fan 'cuz that can give the pic a nice feeling of movement. Shoot from all sorts of angles as well and don't be afraid to try new things. My fave shots are usually happy mistakes! I'm a big fan of what they call 'Bokeh'...when some of the piece is sharply in focus and the rest is blurry. I think you need an SLR or a zoom lens to get that though but I'm no pro so I could be talking complete carrots here! I hope something out of this lot is helpful!

Which of the pairs of shoes you own are your favourite at the moment?
Ooh! I'm always so intrigued as to whose asked me something here! The mysteries of Formspring. My current faves are my Lace Up Boots from YDE although I haven't had a chance to wear them yet. I have gotten LOADS of use out of the black wedges from Legit aleady - a very handy buy that. I also bagged some cute nude platforms from Country Road on the 50% sale a while back - epic bargain. Thanks for the fun question!

There we go! Anything else ya wanna ask me, please fire away:)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I didn't write it, but just thought I'd point out that "If you're from Africa, why are you white?" is a quote from the movie Mean Girls, so who ever asked it was definintely joking ;)

p.s. Great work with you're blog! It's always a fun read :)

Anonymous said...

whoops, *your

Lauren Setterberg said...

LOL! I forgot about that, haha. And thanks:)

Miss Molly said...

YAY - nice to know a little bit more about you hun! lovely little inty!
PS: not sure if i mentioned before but your blog is looking fab and i LOVE your new hair colour!

Jessica said...

my question to you lady of the awesome gloss is: Where in hellz bellz did you get your awesomeness from?

Jessica said...

p.s. l. o. v. e. the do!

PinkBow said...

always good to find out more! you come across as such a fun person :)

Sharni said...

I am really surprised you are new to photography too.. your photos are more than amazing! &&& I can't pick a fave on the Office either :D

Lauren Setterberg said...

As soon as I have net access at home again peeps, I will reply to you all properly. Mwah mwah mwah!

Lauren Setterberg said...

Thanks Molly! I hope you had a fabulous trip abroad. Lady Times, MWAH! (I dreamt about you - WEIRD) Ah Paula, I wish we could kick it together some time. Pieces, thank you! Always good to chat with an 'Office fan!'