Monday, March 8

Sipping tea with Sandra Beijer


If Alice in Wonderland had a blog, it would probably look like Sandra Beijer’s. Inside Niotillfem, you’ll find secrets from Sandra’s diaries, love letters to her boyfriend Ludde, glitter strewn dance floors and friends curled on couches. She writes about falling in love and broken hearts, lonely bus rides and New York picnics. Every week, 70 000 people pop into her blog to see what she's been up to. In case you've never 'met' Sandy before, let me tell you a bit about her. She's 25 and lives in Stockholm where she works as a copywriter. Her favourite meal of the day is breakfast and she loves masquerade parties. I’ve emailed her a couple of times and she always sends the sweetest replies. I hope I can take her for tea one day but for now, we chat over email about four of her favourite things: love, fashion, traveling and blogging.
Hi Sandra! When you started your blog in 2005, did you ever dream it would attract the following that it has today?
No, never! Originally I started the blog with one of my friends Andrea. She was moving to Paris and we saw the blog as an e-mail conversation with each other. But along the road, a lot of other people started to read our conversations. Andrea stopped blogging, and I continued. I love blogging, it's like making a scrap book and writing a diary in one!

Do you still write in a diary as well as your blog?
Yes, I still write in diaries but not as often as I did before.

How does it feel, knowing that thousands of people are reading your words every day?
I don’t really think about it. It feels like we are maybe only 12 friends, telling secrets and drinking tea together.

Do people ever recognize you on the street and stop to speak with you?
Not very often, but it happens. Especially on weekends if I go out clubbing. I guess people are braver when they've been drinking beer :)

Does your family read your blog? You guys seem very close.
My whole family read my blog. They find it cute. My mother is very proud of me, just like a typical mum!

Congratulations on your two-year anniversary with Ludde! You refer to him as ‘The Wind’ on your blog. Why ‘The Wind?’
It's a funny story. When I first started dating him, my friend Sebastian thought he looked like this guy in the video. I thought it was really funny, and suddenly everyone was referring to him as "The Wind".

Haha! That ad is brilliant. You and Ludde seem to have an amazing romance. What attracted you guys to each other?
He is my best friend. We have so much fun together, he always makes me laugh and I can tell him everything and he always understands. And also, he has the softest kisses.


You’ve told us about the most romantic things that the boys in your life have done for you. What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for Ludde?
Hmm.. I give him breakfast in bed at least two times a week and I surprise him with plane tickets when he least expect it. Next week, New York, but don't tell him!


We won't! Are you still planning to write a novel about love? I would buy copies for each of my friends!
It's my biggest dream. I just need more time…someday!


Like Elsa, you prefer skirts and dresses to jeans and pants. Do you ever look at girls in jeans and feel like changing up your look?
Yes, when I see fifties-style jeans in blue denim and high waits. I’m still looking for the perfect pair.


How does Swedish style compare to say, New York and London?
Less color in Stockholm. It feels like everyone here is dressed in black. Very boring.


In 2006, you visited Kenya with your family on Safari. Can you please tell us a bit about your African experience?
So, so, so beautiful, calm and a wonderful smell in the air. Fresh and adventurous at the same time.


You’ve traveled to some amazing places. What are the top five cities you’d like to visit that you’ve never been to before?
1. San Francisco
2. Shanghai
3. Bali
4. Melbourne
5. Barcelona

Is there anywhere else in the world you’d like to live for a while?
I have to live in New York again. I also would like to live in Paris. And San Fransisco, even though I've never been there :)


Sandra’s Dressing Table
Lipstick: Make up Store - Alarm!
Eyeliner: Mac - Black boot
Mascara: Loreal - Lash Architect
Nail Polish: Almost never wear nail polish, i bite my nails!
Perfume: Floret by Antonia Bellanca


What are your five favourite pieces of clothing?

1. My new Mulberry Alexa
2. Prada shoes
3. H&M dress
4. Coat from Minimarket
5. Vintage sailor dress

Thank you Sandra! Have fun in New York!

You can visit Sandra's wonderful blog here. Isn't she just lovely? Do you regularily read Niotillfem or is this the first time you've met Sandra? I was introduced to her by Nadia last year and I've dropped by Niotillfem about every day since! If there's a blogger you'd like to introduce me to - including yourself of course - please feel free to do so in the comments below. Thanks!


Chelsea Nicole. said...

love her, and great interview!

dziewczyna marynarza. said...

i love her photos on flicker <3

La.K said...

oh i just love niotillfem! i am a regular :) i love, love sandra's photos. i have never visited her fliker account - i must!
wonderful interview la. thank you.
ps. san francisco is also at the top of my travel list :)

PinkBow said...

oh lauren, this is wonderful. i was very excited to read this when you first told me you were interviewing her. so interesting and you really do have a knack at finding such good questions to ask your interviewees.

Lauren Setterberg said...

Thanks Paula:) I appreciate that. I think having a naturally nosy personality helps with the questions, haha!

Windsoul said...

Oh wonderful interview. You brought up questions I wanted to ask her. I love her.
Perfect, like a movie screenshot.

Nadia Jonker said...

She is just so inspirational as are you. Great interview and perfect choice on the photos. Hoping you get to sip tea soon with Sandra in real life! x

Lauren Setterberg said...

Hi Windsoul, I'm so pleased to hear that! Thank you Nads. x

Gracie said...

She has a diana! I love her blog so much! xx

Milla said...

I read her blog every morning! :)

Cocco said...

Super cute interview!

Jeanette said...

I follow the blog just about everyday! It´s lovely and so inspiering :)

You have a very cute blog yourself! <3

Sarah said...

Sandra's my all-time favourite blogger: her photographs make me want to move to Stockholm. And your interview proves yet again that she's super-sweet as well as cool. I invited her to my New Years Eve party cos she was going to be in London; the timings didn't work out, but she was so lovely on email too.

Emma Lavelle said...

Sandra is my favourite blogger, hers was the only blog that I read before I started blogging myself. I wish that I had a more beautiful blog so that I could write a blog like hers.

i discovered your blog through hers and yours is also gorgeous, I shall now be following!



Lauren Setterberg said...

Wow, so many lovely comments! Thank you all! Sarah, how lovely, imagine having Sandra over for New Years. Pity it didn't work out, maybe next time:)

Bianca said...

i'm reading her blog every day- i could spend hours just looking at all the pics and stuff. she's a major inspiration!

Alicia said...

Very sweet interview! Well asked, well answered.

Jenny - said...

Great interview, really enjoyed reading it :)

Alina said...

I've been checking her blog at least (ok, almost) once every day for the last 1½ year. love it! (and I've even been in a pic in it a couple of times, which made me very surprised and happy!) you've done a very nice interview with her :)

Sofia i London said...

Good interview! =)

Shoe Gal said...

Love, love, love the interview! I find Sandra's blog to be absolutely breathtaking, and I check it at least once a day. Her life seems so romantic and fabulous...isn't it funny how you always want to live somewhere else? I'd love to live in Europe, and yet Sandra would like to live in the U.S. Life's kind of funny that way.

Miss Molly said...

another amazing Interview!! love it

Anonymous said...

This interview is celestial fine, I think :)

waving scarf said...

Sandra's blog is wonderful and the interview is perfect:).

I'd recommend you this blog:, it's in polish, but you can translate it with google even on the website. The girl travels a lot and puts on her blog lots of beautiful pictures from San Francisco. Very inspiring.

waving scarf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren Setterberg said...

Thanks for that, her blog is awesome! x

out of order said...

very cute introduction!

M said...

I love these interviews you do. It really feels like you just wrote down a phone conversation or something. Look forward to more of these, you should really keep it up!

Lauren Setterberg said...

Thank you Misha for that very encouraging compliment. Appreciate that:)

Raquel said...

her blog is one of the best I ever read! great interview!

Sofie said...

I've read her blogs for the past three years and she's just amazing!

Anonymous said...

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