Thursday, December 31

Happy Birthday New Year Bridget

One of my besties is turning 27 at the stroke of midnight! Happy Birthday New Year Bridget! We've been buds since we were eleven. Back then we wore alot of flannel and made up dances to Offspring songs. Sad but true. We even did our Standard 7 oral on Beavis and Butthead which we thought was high-larious. Our teachers did not. These days, Bridge lives on a fancypants yacht in the Caribbean and I miss her heaps and stacks. Here are some pics of us from over the years. Having gone through these, I have decided that my Number One New Year's resolution is to stop sticking my tongue out in pics. Sies man Lauren.

Partaying at Phar Side at the end of Matric. The red hair and top. Yessshk. Bridget in very cool white spiderweb top.

New Year's Eve 2001. So smooth.

Bridget comes home to visit us in 2007. Nikki, I don't know.

My birthday in 2009. Bridget gets engaged a few days later. Nice one lady!


Unknown said...

Please, you guys were the coolest ;-) I cant believe that photo is from matric! You look so little.

Lauren Setterberg said...

Heehee, Tamster. Two little cheeseballs we were :D

Bridget said...

awww...lasie i love it, how awesome is your blog!! I want one to!! lol!! I mean lets face it, when we're not talking, we're talking in our
happy new year by buddy! I miss you so much, but see you soon xoxo