Sunday, November 8

Saturday's Market Finds

Oh to wake up to sunshine on a Saturday morning after all the rain of late. Such perfect weather for flitting around Durban's loveliest market! If you've never been, I ♥ Market is a whimsical riot of old fashioned bunting, freshly baked brownies, chilled champagne and tables twinkling with trinkets. Every month, it bursts into life in the old church hall next to Bean Bag Bohemia. Yesterday, there were new tables of treasures happily spilling onto the sidewalk. Crystal pendants sparkled in the sun while vintage dresses flapped in the breeze. You could empty your purse in seconds for everything is so pretty and perfectly presented. A visit to the Bean Bag Bohemia table is a must. There you will find the world's finest sandwiches. Tuck into rolls crammed with smoked chicken, caramelised onion, camembert, lettuce and tomato. So simply sublime.

I bought three lovely things from three lovely ladies.

The Pale Pink Vanity from Cupcake Couture

This is now home, sweet, home to all my charms and trinkets. I've had my eye on this sweet case for some time and I'm thrilled it's mine at last!

The Heart-Shaped Felt Brooch from Lucky You.
So perfectly sewn and stitched. So fabulously retro. I'll wear this as a nod to the city that stole a piece of my heart ~ London.

The Vintage Green Blouse from Paper Doll
This was cheerfully blowing in the breeze on a hanger at the one end of the market. It was the dainty purple buttons that sealed the deal.


Denise Kiggan said...

Love the stuff you got there. This Sat was my first time there!

Lauren Setterberg said...

Hi Freshly Found,

Thanks for visiting.

I just hopped onto your website. You have some lovely goodies there!