Wednesday, November 14

A day at the dam

After weeks of rain, the sun came out! Willie and I decided to celebrate with a trip to the dam. You might remember my trip with Eddie? Ed was the bassist from my first band and Willie was our drummer. It's also been a good ten years since Willie and I have hung out so we decided to catch up over beer, wine and grilled mushrooms! As you can see, some creatures came to hang with us...and succeeded in swiping a bread roll from us. I'm pretty sure they would have stolen a six pack of Hansa had we not had a rotten stick to shew them away with. After sunning ourselves on the pier, we watched some South Park at Willie's and I got to meet his Bearded Dragons. Long term readers will know that I have a phobia of geckos so this was quite an experience! Later on, Willie took me for a ride on his bike through the hills. The scenery was epic! Then we met some friends for a drink, visited a haunted hotel and concluded that it was an excellent start to summer :) 

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