Sunday, November 18

Woodlands and Waterfalls

Saturday turned out to be pretty interesting! Tarryn and I had planned on going to Paradise Valley to find a waterfall but Durban woke up to more rain. I had been looking forward to another sunny Saturday so I was a bit disappointed. But, we decided we would still have a fun day. I picked Tarryn up and we went out for a cozy lunch at Bellevue in Kloof. It's lovely there - pics soon! After our lunch, the rain cleared! We decided to hop in the car and drive until somewhere caught our eye. Then I saw a sign for the Makaranga Garden Lodge. Nads had told me that the gardens are incredible so we decided to check it out. Well, we arrived to the sight below! 30 acres of lush, green woodlands! And guess what? There was a waterfall there! We were so happy! We spent hours exploring the gardens. After we each made a wish in the pond, we walked through the labyrinth and hung out in a secret fairy garden. As we hopped back in the car to head home, the heavens opened up again. x

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