Monday, November 12

Thrifting with my bro

I dragged my brother along on a thrifting mission! Well, he was keen to see the animals. We headed off to the Kloof SPCA as I hadn't been there in a long while. It was hilarious going with my bro. He was mystified by my interest in all this old "junk." His reaction upon spotting an old cricket ball box - "That is disgusting, you should blog that!" Hahaha. Other contributions by my bro - "This looks like it was washed up by the Palmiet river. Someone over there is trying to sell Encarta 97. You can get a golf club for R5. I can't handle this Abba, I'll wait for you outside." Ha! Then we went to pet the animals which always saddens me but I like to think we're giving them a bit of happiness - even for a minute or so each. I was chuffed to find a great big sheep and some pigs! Then we wandered into some scrabble letters, twirling from a tree. I also found a Panda but I left him for someone else to buy. All in all, it was a good trip! I got some ceramic ducks, a book and a record. x

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