Friday, August 15

A flashback to my wedding!

Is it a bit weird to post your wedding photos seven years later when you aren't married anymore? Probably. Am I going to do it anyway. Ya, betcha! I had to dig these up for the lovely lady that did my flowers and I thought, "Ahhh, these should live on Gloss too" seeing as I've shared so many other lifey updates here. For those that don't know, I got married before I started scribbling Gloss and when Pinterest was but a twinkle in a developer's eye! Back when I was planning this thing, I made a paper scrapbook out of actual magazine clippings - how analogue! And while I wasn't destined to be hitched for long, I look back on this day and smile because it was pretty dang epic. I haven't posted the coupley shots cuz that could be a tad weird but here are some others if anyone fancies a gander. Oh, and this was a totally casual sit-wherever and eat-whatever affair, just how I like it :) PS: I asked Tall One if he minded me posting these and he replied, "No, lols, go wild." Ha.
 photo 136-2.jpg photo 086.jpg photo 1-15.jpg photo 085F-3.jpg photo 2-16.jpg photo 078.jpg photo 3-9.jpg photo 235-1.jpg
 photo 4-10.jpg photo 079F-1.jpg photo 215-1.jpg photo 128.jpg photo 211.jpg photo 040-2.jpg
 photo 7-2.jpg
 photo 066-1.jpg photo 6-3.jpg photo 092.jpg photo 064.jpg photo 033.jpg
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