Sunday, August 3

Our wintery getaway in the countryside

Tall One and I are back from our winter weekend in the Midlands! We stayed at Solitude again after having had such a great time there in autumn. On Saturday, we ventured up the mountains into Swissland Cheese because we knew the goats were due to give birth..but we didn't expect to see a birth in front of our very eyes! We stared in amazement as we watched four baby goats take their first steps. They were too precious for words. After wishing the goatlings a great first day on Earth, we popped into Piggly Wiggly for pizza and a nose around Rosewood, my favourite shop there. Tall One wants to open a competitive outfit next door and call it Higgledy Piggledy which destroys me every time I think of it! The rest of our time was spent napping and lazing in front of the fire. I am so in love with this part of the world, I wish I could take a gabillion pictures and bound 'em into a book. It's my ultimate dream, I tells ya! Hope you all had equally relaxing weekends? x

 photo IMG_9592.jpg photo IMG_9527.jpg photo IMG_9336.jpg photo IMG_9570.jpg photo IMG_9254.jpg photo IMG_9369.jpg photo 2-15.jpg photo IMG_9396.jpg photo 3-8.jpg photo IMG_9550.jpg photo IMG_9596.jpg photo IMG_9391.jpg photo IMG_9564.jpg photo IMG_9260-1.jpg photo IMG_9392-1.jpg photo IMG_9451.jpg photo IMG_9408.jpg photo IMG_9468.jpg photo IMG_9351.jpg photo IMG_9420-2.jpg photo IMG_9464.jpg photo IMG_9304.jpg photo IMG_9321-1.jpg photo IMG_9287.jpg photo IMG_9444.jpg photo IMG_9372.jpg photo IMG_9334.jpg photo IMG_9289.jpg photo IMG_9322.jpg photo IMG_9400.jpg photo IMG_9278.jpg photo IMG_9412.jpg photo IMG_9349.jpg photo IMG_9280.jpg photo 6-2.jpg photo IMG_9535.jpg photo 8-2.jpg photo IMG_9490-2.jpg photo IMG_9250.jpg photo IMG_9475.jpg photo IMG_9423.jpg photo IMG_9435.jpg photo IMG_9552.jpg
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