Sunday, August 17

Calvin and Tash get hitched!

One of my bestie's couldn't be at her brother's wedding because she's just had a baby in the UK so I went as her proxy! I live whatsapped the day to her and I'm going to scribble her a lil' summin about what went down. I knew Bron would be dying to see what the day looked like so I grabbed some happy snaps while I was there. Thanks for having me Calvin and Tash. You guys are too cute and I'm so chuffed I got to be a part of this special day. Also, the mints in the ladies were a nice touch! 

 photo IMG_9900-2.jpg photo IMG_9745-3.jpg photo IMG_9794-1.jpg photo IMG_9815-2.jpg photo IMG_9749-1.jpg photo IMG_9834.jpg photo IMG_9814.jpg photo IMG_9893.jpg photo IMG_9812-1.jpg photo IMG_9849.jpg photo IMG_9826.jpg photo IMG_9877.jpg photo IMG_9845.jpg photo IMG_9817.jpg photo IMG_0014.jpg photo IMG_9850-2.jpg photo IMG_9738-1.jpg photo IMG_9974-1.jpg photo IMG_9897.jpg photo IMG_9981.jpg photo IMG_9828-1.jpg photo IMG_9879-1.jpg photo IMG_9855.jpg photo IMG_9989.jpg photo IMG_9961-1.jpg photo IMG_9991-1.jpg
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