Wednesday, December 4

The Mr Price Fashion Summer Fest Continued!

Word up! Here are some more pics from the MRP summer garden party in Cape Town. I had a lovely time catching up with Mel, Dimi, Angie and Emma, and it was so lovely to meet some of my Instagram pals! Stay tuned for the third and final instalment. x

 photo IMG_3551.jpg photo IMG_3376.jpg photo IMG_3485-3.jpg photo IMG_3399.jpg photo IMG_3706.jpg photo IMG_3751.jpg photo IMG_3748.jpg photo IMG_3776-3.jpg photo IMG_3777.jpg photo IMG_3465.jpg photo IMG_3529.jpg photo IMG_3539.jpg photo IMG_3523-3.jpg photo IMG_3403.jpg photo IMG_3497.jpg photo IMG_3536.jpg photo IMG_3581.jpg
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