Thursday, December 5

The last of the Mr Price Summer Fashion Fest pics

And by last I mean the last of the couple I've edited. I took a zillion 
snaps including a gigantic portrait of Emma-Jane. x

 photo IMG_3815-1.jpg photo IMG_3417-1.jpg photo IMG_3345-2.jpg photo IMG_3711-5.jpg photo IMG_3391-4.jpg photo IMG_3516-1.jpg photo IMG_3369-1.jpg photo IMG_3616-1.jpg photo IMG_3544-1.jpg photo IMG_3617-5.jpg photo IMG_3509-2.jpg photo IMG_3547-4.jpg photo IMG_3492-5.jpg photo IMG_3768-6.jpg photo IMG_3812-2.jpg photo IMG_3753-1.jpg photo IMG_3654-1.jpg photo IMG_3745-1.jpg photo IMG_3423-2.jpg photo IMG_3478-2.jpg photo IMG_3472-2.jpg
 photo IMG_3795-2.jpg photo IMG_3499-2.jpg photo IMG_3730-2.jpg photo IMG_3484-2.jpg
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