Friday, December 13

Life lately through my phone

Aloha friends! Shew, it's been a busy month! This is how my fave moments looked through my phone :) I added some festive cheer to Panda HQ, we launched a mega fun campaign at work (oh, hai Kelly Osbourne!) and my mom and I went on a rainy roadtrip which involved scrummy scones, soggy goats and a dicey toilet break! This weekend, I'm heading back to the country to chill the heck out! It's gonna be my first solo road trip but I'm really looking forward to it. I've loaded my laptop with movies and if the sun shines, I'll be snapping pics and looking for creatures to cuddle. To all my Saffer friends, have a lovely, long weekend. x

 photo 2fw.png photo 1-8.png photo 3fw.png photo 4-7.png
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