Saturday, December 14

My Saturday in the Midlands

I'm tucked up in bed with rain falling outside my window in the country! My amazingly kind blogger bud, Keri, invited me to stay in her guest house for the long weekend. I almost didn't come as my second external hard drive crashed last night. There were tears, friends. BIG TEARS. Then about four hundred calls to emergency data recovery companies. Fortunately, I have a third back up - I just need to get my paws on it asap. When I woke up this morning, I decided to pack up the car and forget about the drive of death. As in my external drive. Not my actual drive here. Although I was very nervous of that because I have never done a solo road trip to this side of the world. But Tall One gave me some amazing directions and Kerry's hubby guided me from Nottingham Road. And now I am here, eating hot dogs and snapping pics! It's been so long since I've had a chance to just wander around with my camera. If you follow me on Instagram, you can probz tell I'm kinda excited. How precious is little Marmite the Calf below? Could cuddle him all day. x

 photo IMG_3911.jpg photo IMG_3942.jpg photo IMG_3918.jpg photo IMG_3970.jpg photo IMG_3928.jpg photo IMG_3934.jpg photo IMG_3940.jpg photo IMG_3992.jpg photo IMG_3897.jpg photo IMG_3967.jpg photo IMG_3853.jpg photo IMG_3990.jpg photo IMG_3972.jpg photo IMG_3919.jpg photo IMG_3916.jpg photo IMG_3907.jpg
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