Monday, December 16

Sunday in the Midlands

The sun came out again yesterday which was epic considering it's been rainy and misty up here for weeks. In the morning, I headed out to Cafe Bloom for coffee. This is a must-visit if you're in Nottingham Road! It's like a giant barn meets cafe meets courtyard all in one! It's bright and airy, the cakes looked seriously scrum and everyone was mega-friendly. After nosing about the stores there, I met Keri at Netherwood farm where we visited the Alpacas! We popped into Blueberry Hill for a looksie (it's just had a makeover) and then we tucked into DELISH pizzas at Sapore. Be sure to pull in here if you ever arrive in Notties feeling hungry for some kiff chow! Afterwards, we went for a long walk around Keri and Andy's farm before rounding off the day with a rotisserie chicken - aka, my fave food ever! Oh, I also petted about fifty million animals along the way. Keri's farm is NEXT LEVEL awesome. She has the most beautiful studio space where she scribbles her blog. And considering she has only met me once before - I am virtually a stranger to her - it was super kind of her to let me stay here for the long weekend. Thank you again Kez! Today, I am going to take a leisurely drive back to Durbs today. Will probz pop into a few places on the way home. x

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