Tuesday, December 17

A new home for 2014?

What is up, Pandas!? 2013 has been a crackerjack year! Everything that I wished for came true. How crazy is that? There have been some crummy moments (oh hai thieves, having fun with my laptop? Enjoying the Seinfeld DVD that was in there? ) but all in all, it's been a goodie. The only goal I didn't get to was a home move but with so much change, I decided it best to stay put. As much as I love my little studio, I am starting to outgrow it. Just one extra room would make a huge difference! And I would love a little creature to cuddle. So, no guarantees, but I suspect I might make a move to something slightly bigger in 2014. Here's hoping! What are your goals for the New Year?

 photo 1-9.png photo 3-7.png photo 7-1.png photo 8-1.png photo 4-8.png photo 5-2.png photo 6-1.png

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