Monday, December 2

The Mr Price Summer Fashion Fest!

Sunshine + gigantic mountain + ten trillion cupcakes + flower crowns makes for one EPIC event. Throw Henry Holland and Pixie Geldof into the mix and you have one cracker of a jol on your hands! I was very fortunate to crack the nod to this one – thank you Mr Price. The MRP gang were in Cape Town last Thursday to launch their summer range including a brand-spanking new line of Henry Holland dresses to their fans and media partners. Launch it, they did! We made fresh flower crowns, got our hair and nails did at the Beauty Bar, printed Instagrams (I erm, took full advantage of that one), edited our own statement tees and guzzled loads of scrummy treats! I would have snaffled loads home if there weren't a hundred cameras flashing in all directions. Henry and Pixie indulged us in a million selfies, another famous peep asked me where the ladies was (a highlight, obvs) and I made it through the afternoon in a ridiculous pair of glitter wedges. All in all, an unforgettable day in Cape Town!

 photo IMG_3766.jpg photo IMG_3759.jpg photo IMG_3487.jpg photo IMG_3699.jpg photo IMG_3355.jpg photo IMG_3503.jpg photo IMG_3731.jpg photo IMG_3741-1.jpg photo IMG_3443.jpg photo IMG_3366.jpg photo IMG_3371.jpg photo IMG_3463.jpg photo IMG_3811.jpg photo IMG_3610.jpg photo IMG_3674.jpg photo IMG_3326.jpg photo IMG_3360.jpg photo IMG_3727.jpg photo IMG_3528-1.jpg photo IMG_3451.jpg photo IMG_3669.jpg photo IMG_3482.jpg photo IMG_3769-2.jpg photo IMG_3538-1.jpg photo IMG_3574-2.jpg photo IMG_3799-2.jpg

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