Monday, May 6


Sandra blogged a cute list about summer so I thought I'd have a bash at a winter version seeing as the days are getting chiller here in SA - and you guys know how much I love winter ;)

My plans for the winter: 
Laying beside the dam and reading books in the winter sun, crunching through leafy streets in the late afternoon, leaving work early to pack the car and hit the road, bundling up beside a fire with best friends, petting sweet farm animals, layering up for strolls through night markets, driving through misty roads late at night, burrowing under the covers on Sundays, sipping red wine on cozy couches, waking up in the mountains, playing board games till one in the morning.

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My best winter:
I will never forget how the temperature plummeted one Sunday afternoon in London while I was waiting for the bus, clutching packets of groceries. Suddenly, white, fluffy snowflakes started falling gently from the sky. I could barely sleep that night, I was so excited and when I woke up - there it was, peacefully piled around the house. I crunched through the snow all day long, smiling happily like a kid on Christmas Day.

My favourite winter experience was probably last year's midnight adventure to Nottingham Road. By the time we got back to Durban, it was light and I felt like I'd dreamt the whole thing.

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 photo IMG_11132.jpg

Favourite flower?
I could spend hours rolling around the grass, snapping pictures of country flowers. Sweet Tarryn patiently waited while I took a million photos of flowers on our way to Dragons Peaks.

 photo IMG_7028-1.jpg photo IMG_7281.jpg photo untitled-10702.jpg photo IMG_9368-2.jpg photo IMG_2160.jpg photo IMG_9517-1.jpg

Best winter songs?
I remember this song started playing shortly after we drove into the snow at two am. I also listened to this a hundred times last winter, and added this to a roadtrip mix because I thought it was such a great driving song.

Music I'll listen to this winter.
Probably loads of 90s alternative as usual, Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons and I'm just randomly loving this old Charlotte Church song at the moment - great for blaring while tidying the flat!

I'll be watching:
Hoping to get my paws on the last three episodes of Homeland, Season Two - and Season Six of Mad Men. Will also be spending lots of time on river banks, looking up at the clouds with a Savanna in my hand.

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 photo IMG_9426.jpg

Favourite scent:
The first time you roll down the window as you wind your way into the mountains and inhale the crisp, country air, a roaring campfire on your first night away, fresh rosemary and wine bubbling away in a pot of something scrummy, a gigantic haystack to dive into, freshly-laundered fluffy duvets.

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The ultimate winter day:
I would wake up to kisses on the shoulder in a toasty tent. Then I'd peer outside to see the most magnificent sunrise and I would get perfect pictures of it, seeing as it is the ultimate day! My best friends would shuffle out of their tents and we'd spend the day playing cards, reading magazines in the sun, petting white horses and cuddling fluffy lambs. We'd go for a walk through a leafy forest and meet owls in the trees. As the sun goes down, we'd sing songs around a camp fire while roasting marshmallows. It'll be super cold but we'll be snug as bugs, curled up in blankets. Thousands of stars will be twinkling in the sky as I fall into a deep sleep.

And now I am very excited for winter! Hope you are too. x

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