Sunday, May 5

Sarah and Ian's wedding in selfies!

Congratulations Sarah and Bossie!! Thank you for an epic wedding!
Sarah, was the Shooter Tree your brainchild? A most excellent idea that was. 
Was so nice to see this gang again. x

 photo untitled-19641.jpg photo untitled-19651.jpg photo untitled-19660.jpg photo untitled-19656.jpg photo untitled-19665.jpg photo untitled-19646.jpg photo untitled-19639.jpg photo untitled-19628.jpg photo untitled-19640.jpg photo untitled-19676.jpg photo untitled-19677.jpg photo untitled-19679.jpg photo untitled-19680.jpg photo untitled-19686.jpg photo untitled-19688.jpg photo untitled-19690.jpg photo untitled-19675.jpg photo untitled-19691.jpg

I will haul the 60D again out one day but the happy snapper makes for such mad pics!
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