Wednesday, May 15

Quick Phone Peek


 photo 2-8.jpg
A special dress I found in one of my old suitcases. Cute cardi for a cub!
 photo 3-10.jpg
A cupcake for my gran and the epic yellow teapot she gave me!
 photo 4-7.jpg
Recently googled everything on the Neverending Story and lavender roses.
How amazing that such things exist.
 photo untitled-1055.jpg
Late afternoon light - Jon snapped this with his new S4.
 photo 6-7.jpg
Heading out to see Aking with Mel and Claire. Cowgirling it up for Sarah's hens!
 photo 5-10.jpg
Flower I wore in my hair for Sarah's wedding. Had an epic jam with the long fella.
 photo 7-7.jpg
Another vintage goodie from my gran! French Toast to the rescue post-wedding.

Fingers crossed for clear skies this weekend - hoping to take the 60D out on an adventure. x

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