Monday, May 13

For the love of the kitchen

Morning gang! I've blogged about my dream country cottage home before, but this post is dedicated to my favourite part of the home - the kitchen! I recently got a bunch of new kitchen stuff from my gran which I can't wait to show ya. They're pieces I've loved since I was a kid. One day, I'm going to have a kitchen with a white wooden roof, white subway tiles and white floating shelves, full of colourful bowls, Pyrex dishes and glass jars of goodies. It will smell of freshly baked bread and the kettle will happily whistle on Saturday mornings. A white fluffy Labrador will follow me around as I cook breakfast, and the kitchen door will open onto a cute, cobbled path. Although my current kitchen is tiny - it is the perfect mix of modern and retro and for now, we're happy together. You can find these pics and more on my Pinterest Boards - Home Sweet Home, and Yummy Things. x

  photo 3-9.jpg photo 1-7.jpg photo 5-8.jpg photo 2-7.jpg photo 4-5.jpg photo 11-2.jpg photo 12-2.jpg photo 10-1.jpg photo 13.jpg photo 15.jpg photo 14.jpg photo 8-6.jpg photo 7-6.jpg
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