Sunday, May 12

Mama Cat

Feet courtesy of my mom yesterday - busting the converse!

I wish I could send my mom an actual package of care, comfort and strength right now. She is being so damn brave. Her parents -  my grandparents - are in a really bad. My grandpa is very ill in hospital and my gran fell on Thursday and broke her arm. My mom has spent the last week packing up their caravan park home which they have had to sell. We've been setting up my gran up in an old age home and its been as sad as you can imagine. My heart is sore for everyone in the family right now. My mom has been working so hard to take care of everyone and I just want to say, thank you Mama. We all appreciate everything you do for us. I am deeply grateful for your constant love and support. I promise that I will always do my best to take care of you. Stay strong. You are a trooper. And look how cool you are, busting a hoodie, jeans and converse on rainy days. I love you. Scamp.x

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