Sunday, May 19

New kitchen keepsakes

I had an epic morning sorting through the goodies my grans gave me - and this is just the kitchen stuff! She also kindly donated cutlery, baking trays, tea towels and table clothes to my little kitchen. Can't wait to display it all on white, floating shelves one day. These are bits and pieces I've loved since I was a kid so they will definitely be treasured and used alot. Think we will celebrate with banana bread baking next weekend. Hope you've all had a relaxing one? x

 photo IMG_0141.jpg photo IMG_0278.jpg photo 2-10.jpg
 photo IMG_0127-2.jpg photo 3-12.jpg
 photo IMG_0231.jpg photo IMG_0249.jpg photo IMG_0257.jpg photo IMG_0190.jpg photo IMG_0238.jpg photo IMG_0275.jpg photo IMG_0201.jpg photo IMG_0318.jpg photo IMG_0263-1.jpg photo IMG_0333.jpg photo 4-9.jpg
 photo IMG_0359.jpg photo 1-9.jpg
 photo IMG_0289.jpg photo IMG_0240.jpg photo 5-12.jpg
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