Monday, May 20

Behind the scenes on a family shoot

I woke up early on Saturday morning and headed up the hill to Sarah's photography studio. Seh and I met through mutual friends last year and realised we both love taking pictures. Sarah specialises in family photography and she kindly invited me to participate in Saturday's shoot. I was planning on assisting but she had everything under control! In between sips of coffee, I observed and snapped away in the background. I learnt ALOT! Sarah is brilliant with this sort of work as she has three kiddies herself! And her studio - well, it is the studio of my dreams. In fact, I felt like I had driven into my dream. Her studio is located down the road from one of my all time favourite places in the world - the animal farm in Hillcrest, and it looks out onto lush, green scenery. Inside, it's cute and cosy with a million different props to play with! I could have spent the entire day rummaging though the cupboards and playing with the studio lights. What a difference studio lights make!! I would love nothing more than to spend my days in such a wonderful place. Thank you for inviting me Sarah - and thank you to this sweet family below who let me snap away behind the scenes. x

 photo untitled-9903.jpg
 photo 1-11.jpg photo IMG_9891.jpg photo untitled-0053.jpg photo 6.jpg photo untitled-0044.jpg photo IMG_9811.jpg photo untitled-0023.jpg photo 4.jpg photo IMG_9815.jpg photo untitled-0085.jpg photo IMG_9929.jpg photo 3.jpg photo untitled-0040.jpg photo IMG_9850.jpg photo untitled-0028.jpg photo 5.jpg photo IMG_9860.jpg photo untitled-9918.jpg photo IMG_9998.jpg photo 2.jpg photo IMG_9809.jpg photo IMG_9799-3.jpg photo IMG_9915.jpg photo untitled-0017.jpg photo untitled-0054.jpg photo untitled-0069.jpg photo IMG_9866.jpg photo untitled-9902.jpg

Hopefully I'll have my own studio for Smitten one day. Must keep dreaming and working. 
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