Thursday, January 3


As promised, here are (a million) pics from New Year's Eve! I can't even put into words how wonderful it is to be with these girls again. I miss them every day that we are apart. Thank goodness for our mental Whatsapp group that bleeps away all day! Of course, I love my nearby friends to bits, but I miss us all being together on the weekends. I miss our sleepovers and dress-up parties and coffee dates. My heart actually bursts with love for them. These girls are the smartest, funniest, kindest bunch ever. I've been friends with many of them since I was in junior school! And those in our gang who couldn't be there - we missed you and toasted to you! The festivities began at Tammy's house with a braai and some epic baked spuds. Then, out of all the bottles of Champers, we accidentally popped Claire's non-alcoholic one first - fail! Sorry about that Claire! After Tammy dusted us all in glitter, we proceeded to dance to everything from the 80's to dubstep (which was largely lost on me!) to the UK Top 40 and the girls even downloaded some Third Eye Blind for me! Oh yeah, we also had an hour of local tunes! Gotta remind these expats of homegrown gems ala Mango Groove - lols. There was also some Irish dancing thrown in for Jack! At 10PM, we joined the rest of our gang at a house party where we rang in the New Year together. I got a kiss from Bronwyn at midnight! Then we had one helluva drive to the garage which we raided for pies and Ghost Pops. Somewhere along the line, Kath lost her sausage roll which was a right laugh at the time and everyone started dancing outside the garage...except for me who was scoffing down Pops in the car. We got home, danced for another two hours and then I collapsed on the couch but apparently I was planking - lols. I vaguely remember Tammy singing Radiohead to me while she tucked me in upstairs. Then we made French Toast for brek and spent the day in our PJs watching movies and catching up on months of news! So all in all, an excellent start to 2013. I can't even think about them going back overseas in a few days. Tomorrow we're going golf-carting! Don't plan on throwing a single swing, just plan on jolling around on the cart - ha. Hope you all had a good NYE? It's a bit of an odd celebration I find - it can be quite underwhelming and sometimes, surprisingly epic. Oh, I should probably note most of these were not taken with the 60D - ha.

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