Tuesday, January 8

Holiday Happy Snaps!

Hey guys! New year. Back at work. Real life begins again, eh? How were your holidays? I was so chuffed to have these girls in town. Today, I feel like a kid at school, writing my "What I did these holidays!" journal entry. So here's what we did! Had sleepovers, talked for HOURS - there is literally no limit to the amount of conversing we can do, noshed Wakaberries - Bronwyn: "Just get me Vanilla covered in some chocolate sh*t", met at the beach at the crack of dawn aka 7am, jolled around on golf carts  (pretty much the highlight of my holiday), ate copious amounts of Ghost Pops, went to the animal farm, went to casualty (!) danced till we ached, swam in the pool, played board games, walked around like tools in our sunglasses in a shopping mall, drank disgusting espresso cocktails, got drenched in the rain, took a million photos and braaied our hearts out. I wish we could be together every weekend but maybe Durban is safer sans that! Love you my friends! xxx

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