Tuesday, August 9

My pal, Nads

Last week this lovely person celebrated her birthday. I know I mention Nadia a lot on Gloss and it's really because we have become such great buds in the past two years. She is one of the kindest and most creative souls I have ever met and people always remark to me, just how sweet she is. In some ways we are both so similar - we share a love for all things colourful and retro and we're terribly sentimental. And on the other hand, we are quite opposite - Nadia is the picture of poise while I am a bit of a whirling dervish! Nads was styling vintage getups when she was seven while I was skulking around school in ripped jeans and green hair. But she is the sort of friend who will text you to wish you luck for a meeting, who will invite you up for tea on a bad day, who will run down in the rain with meds for you in the middle of the night and who will generally be an awesome pal, really. Nads, my friend. Thank you for everything. For all the chats, lols, skypes, BBM's! Thank you for always cheering me on and entertaining my histrionics! I know this year is going to bring you every joy and success that you deserve. See you later for a Chick's Day cuppa.

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