Monday, August 8

A happy surprise!

The past 48 hours have been...intense! They involved dress fittings down the coast, hair cuts, winning a giveaway (!), suddenly becoming super nauseous, helping some poor soul who had been held at gunpoint (mad and sad), late night visits to Nadia to get meds, downing said meds, attending her birthday breakfast, spending time with a football legend in a township and napping in a bid to get better. Thank goodness it's Women's Day on Tuesday because I'm feeling a bit off kilter from all the highs and lows! So...on Saturday, the Hey Cherry girls told me that their last giveaway prize was never claimed so they redrew and I was the winner! I can't even tell you how I chuffed I was. I absolutely LOVE their range of accessories, books and knick knacky goodness. Below is a peek at all the lovely things I won - can't believe my luck. Thanks Hey Cherry gals - you totally were the cherry on the cake of one mad weekend. Hope your weekends were filled with less dramz? x


PS: Thanks for those hilar comments on the previous post! Toasted Chicken Mayo fans unite!
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