Friday, August 5

“The world must know…about chicken mayo.”

So the Bride-to-Be, Bridget, one of my old mates, has descended from the BVI’s! We went out for this mad dinner last night and she told me something crazy. I thought I’d just try and recapture the convo rather than try and explain this random but necessary nugget that the world needs to know about. Because the whole world does read Gloss right? Not? Ah, well hopefully this mayo-filled gem will be a revelation for some of ya that live across the seas.

{Skimming through the menu}

Bridget: I’m totally craving chicken mayo. You know you cannot get a toasted chicken mayo in the States? They don’t even call them toasted sandwiches. They just have Grilled Cheese and Grilled Cheese and Ham which they flip on a press.
Lauren: No chicken mayo? No toasted sandwich?
Bridget: No. They look at me like I’m mad when I try and order a toasted chicken mayo sandwich.
Lauren: But it’s just chicken and mayo. It tastes so good. How is America not eating this?
Bridget: I dunno. The weird thing is, they have the snackwich machines but they don’t use them. They don’t even know what a snackwich is. Just using the press.
Lauren: The machine but no snackwich.
Bridget: No snackwich. Just subs and Grilled Cheese.
Lauren: Do you know that you can get Chicken Mayo pies here now? I thought it would be gross – warm mayo in a pie but it’s like Manna from Heaven.
Bridget: No, that sounds flipping good to me. After the wedding, I’m getting one.
Lauren: We also get cheese burger pies. A patty, relish and cheese in a pie.
Bridget: NO WAY!!!!!
Lauren: Yes. You have to sample all the new pies.
Bridget: I’m going to. You know in America, they don’t call Chicken Burgers, “Chicken Burgers.” They call them Chicken Sandwiches:
Lauren: But it’s on a bun.
Bridget: I know.
Lauren: I love that in France, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is called a Cheese Royale. Sounds so classy.
Bridget: Yeah.
Lauren: Still shocked about the mayo.
Bridget: Yeah, you should blog the mayo. Tell the world about the toasted chicken mayo sandwich.
Lauren: I’m going to.
Bridget: Grill chicken, mix with some mayo, throw it on two slices of bread buttered both sides and put in the snackwich machine.
Lauren: Yeah. I’ll blog it.
Bridget: Cool. Anyway, what should be order?

American readers, is this true about the Toasted Chicken Mayo Sandwich? I’d love to hear more about your snacky traditions! In South Africa, we refer to Grilled Cheese as a Toasted Cheese Sandwich. I also hear you guys eat a lota tuna?
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