Wednesday, August 10

Miss Zeva

How's this for some clobber, eh? Frightfully OTT but as Patsy would say, 'Fabulous dahlin'. Fahbulous.' I've been following Bebe Zeva's blog (Bebe Zeva!!) for a while now and it's always a feast for the retinas. My brain isn't quite sure what to make of all these teenage style bloggers dolled up to the nines but I do think Bebe could have herself a career styling the likes of Vogue. On an unrelated note, I'm hopefully gonna have some mad Hen's Party pics to post on Monday...if I've recovered enough to edit 'em! The bride-to-be knows there's a party going down but she doesn't know the dirty deets - muahahahaha. Rest up Bridget! You're in for a cute albeit cracker of a razzle!

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