Monday, May 9

Lucky Packet


Look what I found at the local BP - a paper lucky packet!
It was full of strange candy and a cell phone - haha! 
I'm dead chuffed with the water hoop game - I loved those as a kid.


Also, hello new visitors! If I could welcome you all with cheeses-on-sticks and pitchers of punch, I would. And Robynne. I owe you a cheese fondue with all the trimmings. Thanks so much for recommending Gloss to Blogger's 'Blogs of Note.' My blog thanks you too. It wants to know if your blog is available for girls' nights and picnics. I think they'd be BFF's. Less ridiculously, I've had a few emails enquiring about my camera, photo processing and blog template. Regular readers will probably know this stuff but I will do new posts on these topics soon. So howdy and thanks again!
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