Friday, May 6

Horses at home (not in a field)


I bought this book at the SPCA because I really liked the cover. There was a whole section dedicated to horse books for girls. I never really got the whole 'horse thing' when I was nipper but there was always one girl, who not only had a real-life horse but had the biggest collection of horse paraphernalia ever. Sometimes they would gallop around at lunch break. I did think My Little Ponies were pretty cool but I only had a few. When I have kids, I'm gonna get them the Princess Unicorn doll - "My horn can pierce the sky!" Haha, that's a little nugget for fellow fans of the US version of The Office. The spike on Princess Unicorn is incredibly sharp, so Princess Unicorn can pierce the sky. It can also pierce your skin. Handle with care. Lolz. (Don't know if that's a granny or a girl with really light hair on the cover. Bit creepers.)

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