Wednesday, May 11

Dear Diana, you naughty little minx


Edit: I've had to reblog this puppy since Blogger's mini-meltdown! Déjà Vu! Oh dear. Me and Lomography cameras. They hate me a little. I know the pics are meant to be kinda crazy but mine hardly ever come out. *Grabs a tissue for her issues!* I finally got around to snapping my first roll of slide film with the Dreamer and had 'em cross processed. Ten out of twelve pics came out. But six of those were Gah! I wouldn't be so frustrated if they weren't such costly experiments. But, I'm gonna have a bash with standard 120mm film and I'm not gonna cross process 'em. We shall see! But here are the four pics that faired alright. The first one is totally inspired by my friend Lauren who took the most amazing pics of the beachfront with her Holga - they were a lot better than this guy! Next up are thrifting rails at the SPCA followed by Craig noshing an ice-cream and then we have some daisies. (Blogger ate the comments for this post but I received 'em, thank you!)
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