Sunday, May 15

Sigma Winner & your make-up tips!

Congratulations Anna Roberts! has crowned you the winner of a lush set of Sigma Make-Up Brushes. Please email me your postal addy so we can send these off to you.


Thank you to all a hundred and eleven of you that entered - crikey!

These were a few of my fave tips

Jo said:
Money-saving make-up tip:
Get every last bit of pretty goodness out of your beloved lip balms, gloss pots and lipsticks by using a cotton bud or lip brush to dig it out of those unreachable corners.

Violet said:
Powder your lashes lightly before applying mascara and apply the mascara in a zig-zag movement.

Sophia said:
Never store your makeup in the bathroom. 
The humidity and the temperature will make them last shorter.

Avatarlady said:
The best makeup tip I gotta share is let the skin breathe for certain days if you don't have anything special going on with your life. (Bit tricky if you work full time but I agree!)

Liz said:
My tip is that when you are buying foundation, no matter how good the tester looks on your face in the store, ALWAYS check it sunlight.

Romola said:
I always struggled to find the perfect colour for my cheeks, so I've discovered the best colour for my skin tone (or anyone!) is to buy the colour my cheeks turn when I'm flustered or after a gym session. As well as pinching the cheeks helps too! :) (Haha, love that!)

Che said:
Have all your equipment/application area near to a window or as much natural light as possible. If you apply make-up in a dark room or orange lighting you end up over-doing it and walk out into the natural day like a drag queen. (not cute) (lolz)

Oh Darling Bride said:
I have small eyes and as you’ll see from my wedding photos, when I smile they turn into little half-moons. When I want my eyes to look bigger, I line the bottom inside lid with a long-lasting white eyeliner. Works wonders! I’ve also found curling my eyelashes before coating them with mascara, opens up my eye. 

Raffles Bizarre said:
I always heap translucent powder under my eyes (or my models) so when applying eyeshadow if any escapes onto your face the powder will catch it and you can just brush it all away with no evidence!

Jacci said:
When you have a makeover, don't immediately buy what they've applied to your face. leave the shop and harsh lights and walk around a bit or go home and see if you like it in a more natural light. many times i've come home and got freaked out when i've seen myself in the mirror!

Man oh man, there were literally over a hundred awesome tips submitted. Some of you took the time to write such amazing lengthy replies! I was wracked with guilt for forgetting to mention that I was drawing the winner randomly, rather than from the best tip submitted.  But if you fancy some make-up advice, check out the comments on the giveaway. There is some gold in there!
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