Tuesday, December 21

Part Two of the 'Outfit + Vintage Suitcase' series!

Aloha gang! I recently acquired two other vintage cases from a mate who was moving to Cape Town. You may take our fine Durban brains but you will never take our suitcases - do you hear me Cape Town! (I too feel your sweet call but for now, a Durbanite I remain.) I can write the rest of this blog post like Yoda if you want? Fun, it will be. Sorry, I'm losing my marbles. The holidays are nigh and all I can think of is my gran's Christmas lunch and pottering around like an old bat. So this outfit. Nothing really fancy going on. Just a typical, 'chuck-on-something-for-the-shops' kind of look. If you missed it, you can see part one of this series* here.  PS: Please excuse my ghostly palour. I'm considering going goth again. (*Note: Not really a series at all.)


Top: Miladys Skirt: Hub Shoes: Mr Prices Bag: JayJays Sunnies: Woolies Ring: Gen Motely Necklace: Diva
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