Wednesday, December 22

Merry Muzzies and Voucher Winner announced!

Here are some photos from our makeshift photo booth thing! I know this sounds cheesy but I just love taking pictures of people! It makes me happy to see peeps happy. And now, to hopefully make one of you happy. One of you being 'JOBY 14.' You won the 50 quid shoe voucher - and you have a number as a surname! Joby, please pop me an email and let's get you hooked up with new shoes. Guys, I loved reading about your dream Christmas prezzies - I hope Santa grants your wildest wishes! Cute Charlotte said 'I would love 'love' this christmas' and Roxanne wants John Travolta in a box - lols! I also want to give a shout out to Monique (in the black and white vest below.)  Girl, if you're reading, it was SWELL meeting you at the market - thanks for coming up to say helloooo - you totally made my Saturday :) In other news, I've posted pics of Nadia's wedding on her blog here!

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